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5 jobs where you’re most likely to fall in love with a co-worker

It will come as no surprise to find that you have more chances of falling in love with someone you work with, especially when you spend 40+ hours a week working together, investing sweat and hope into the same project.

Working with your partner means you already know you have something in common even before your first date. Being on the same career path or in the same industry shows that you are like-minded and most likely you share similar interests. And if you need to vent after a hard day at work, you don’t need to worry that your partner doesn’t understand what you are talking about or they’re not interested.

However, rumours spread around the town (and based on few statistics) say there are some roles with higher chances of finding the other half than others! Take a look below:

5. Bartenders
They are among most liked people across all industries, so there is no wonder they made the list. Good listeners; they are capable of keeping secrets and reliable – what more could you want? Working long shifts and having an odd schedule also helps you to become closer to your co-workers, as the rest of your friends are sleeping at night and working during the day.

4. Lawyers
Have you seen Suits or Law & Order? Then you might be attracted to this glamorous world. Even if sometimes life is not like shown in movies, lawyers are careful about their physical appearance and they usually dress to impress. Conversations never get dull with them as they love to play devil’s advocate. Things might not be as fun when two lawyers are arguing, but relationships involve lots of work whatever job you have.

3. Accountants
On the money side, these colleagues are great decision-makers and know how make money work in your favour, which is what we all want, right? If you are planning your next trip to Jamaica, but you are not good with money, being in a relationship with an accountant will put you on the right financial path. They are used to keeping information confidential so you can be sure they can be trusted with your secrets!
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2. Cooks
It is said it’s a woman’s dream to find a man who cooks and men love to have a warm dinner on the table when they get home. It’s a win-win situation for both sexes. They are always interested in creating new dishes and learning more about other food cultures which you might not have tasted before. They’ll spice up your life! Quite literally.

1. Dancers
Bachata, hip-hop, belly-dance or ballet, we all admire dancers and the hard work they put in on a daily basis to achieve perfection (and fit bodies). Putting in over 60 hours training a week, it’s crucial for them to have a partner that understands them and can support their efforts.

A tried and tested way to get the attention you want is the simple use of emotions and expressing yourself. Dancing with a partner will surely signal your feelings and could lead to a potential romance.

With the rise of online dating apps and blind dates, set-ups by friends, etc., one surprising survey noticed that 1 in 5 British people said they have lied about how they met their other half, with over 50% of them claiming that the real story is too embarrassing!

If you don’t work in any of these industry, don’t sweat it. Other lovable co-workers are: actors, athletes, doctors (especially psychotherapists, gynaecologists and plastic surgeons), army or mailmen.

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