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Westray Net Zero

Our green talent solution

Carbon driven climate change presents an existential threat to our way of life and to your business.

We all need to understand the impact that our carbon footprint has on the planet and find ways to be more sustainable

There will be increasing pressure from stakeholders and investors to ensure that the businesses they deal with, have robust policies and processes in place to mitigate their carbon footprint.

Within the recruitment sector, candidates are becoming climate aware and are choosing to join businesses that match their own belief system.

This is why we've partnered with progressive start-up Greenify and have introduced Westray Net Zero to our business model/service offering, to offer our clients the ability to off-set the environmental footprint of their new hires and join the fight against climate change and environmental disasters.

Why should you ‘GREENIFY’ your new hire with Westry Net Zero?

  • Contributes to your ESG/CSR proposition
  • Enhances your Employee Value Proposition
  • Demonstrates your commitment to the environment, which adds to the culture of your business and enhances your brand
  • Creates a feel good factor for your employees
  • Will attract environmentally aware candidates to your business

A greenified hire is backed by a number of natural climate solutions that rebalance the typical UK inhabitants annual ecological footprint. All the projects are fully verified and certified to world leading carbon standards.

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