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North East Investments Support Local Economy

This week we’ve learned how the North East Fund has supported investments into small businesses across the region in its first twelve months. According to Bdaily, the programme has so far “invested £20 million and leveraged £23 million more, helping more than 125 SMEs.” This has created new jobs and supported businesses with growth plans, which is really positive news for the North East economy.

With unemployment rates at a high, it’s important that we focus on supporting SME businesses and ensure we help keep our region stable. We are lucky enough to have lots of new exciting projects coming to the North East over the next few years, including new tourist and culture attractions. This should also support local businesses and give people more reason to visit our beautiful cities!

In the face of national uncertainty, this is great news for the North East as we continue to compete with the rest of the UK in being an outstanding place to live, work and visit. Let’s see what the next year brings!

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