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New Year New me? Or are we being dramatic?

As the Christmas season approaches, we begin to think of next year.

Many people make some New Year’s resolutions at this point, and often times they are quite generic. Lose weight, quit smoking, save money are all the norm, so it is extremely interesting when someone uses the tradition to do something a little out of the box!

Our very own Client Services Manager, Wendy Dinning had a very unique resolution. She and her Husband decided to head to the theatre more, at least once a month. This resolution has been incredibly successful, so successful that it will carry on through to next year as well!

Wendy said, ‘We have spent a small fortune going just about every month, we’ve loved it and could probably have had another holiday with the money we’ve spent!’

Below are some of the shows Wendy and her husband attended:

Jan – Big Girls Don’t Cry – Frankie Valli tribute

Feb – Islands in the Sun – Dolly & Kenny tribute act

April – The Band

April – The Dubliners – Seven Drunken Nights

June – The Last Ship

July – Dusty

September – The Last Seam

September – Katherine Tickell

December - Staying Alive – Bee Gees Tribute act

December – A Christmas Carol

We would love to hear about your unique New Year’s resolutions! Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!

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