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International Women's Day

Sunday is International Women’s Day and we thought we’d take the day to celebrate how fortunate we are at Westray Recruitment Group to be led by and work with so many fantastic women. International Women’s Day’s state that “an equal world is an enabled world” and we couldn’t agree more.

Maureen Wright founded our consultancy 30 years ago this year and since then has worked hard to develop not just a reputation for excellence in recruitment and client service, but for equality and diversity by empowering ambitious and talented women every day.

Our overall workforce is more than 50% female. Our leadership team is more than 50% female. So, we know how to recruit and develop an inclusive, fair and diverse workforce capable of working together for the collective aim of providing excellent recruitment consultancy services to the amazing businesses of the North East.

We’ve decided to make it International Women’s Week and over the course of the coming week, we’re going to be putting profiles together for all of the great Women of Westray. Focusing in particular on their experiences and ambitions as we continue to promote gender equality, diversity and women in business.

We all need to support, empower and encourage each other. It’s as simple as that.

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