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Working from home... with kids...

Working from home… with kids…

Remember that time you told your boss how productive you would be working from home? Remember that time you told your partner how ridiculous it was that remote working wasn’t an option for you?

Not laughing now, are you? Not with the kids around anyway…

Have you noticed yet that when they’re attending school, homework seems to take them several lightyears, but now that they’re not, they’re getting it done in precisely 0.7 seconds, leaving them with no set-tasks the rest of the day?

Leaving you with the inevitable… “Mummmyyyy/Dadddyyyy, I’m bored”, which gives you precisely 0.7 seconds to come up with something before they fight with a sibling or break something.

Have you found where best to work from?

The lounge, where the kids have sources of entertainment but you now don’t understand why they’re called ‘laptops’ since they’re obscenely difficult to use whilst actually on a lap?

Or do you work from the kitchen table, or the spare room-turned office, where you’re comfortable but the kids are bored to tears and start looking for trouble?

How quickly did the screen-time rule go out of the window?

If you believe LinkedIn, everyone’s suddenly an expert on working from home with kids. So, from a man with kids in the house and definitely not an expert, those are my main frustrations, what’re yours? Here’s your chance to laugh at my issues, or vent your own… let me know in the comments…

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