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What is a recruitment consultant?

What is a recruitment consultant? Simple answer is there is not one main attribute. However, at Westray, we have it down to a fine art.

The Recruitment Industry today

Today, you can experience great variety in your recruitment experience. Gone are the days that you posted a CV, or used a job page in a newspaper. Today, you have a multitude of different types of recruiters contacting you through different mediums (including Social Media) . The days of an employer led recruitment industry are over, talent now holds the power!

In any industry you have a range of possible suppliers. Think of personnel as a product, and the recruiter as a retail store, and now think of the variety you can get in today's retail sphere.

Saving money? Go to a discount retailer.

Splashing cash? Go to a store where customer experience is at the forefront of their business model.

The same is with recruitment, each recruiter has a different specialty, and you can see where their focus lies.

For some organisations, you need somebody to fill a role, and you need it super fast and cheap. There's a recruiter for that!

For other organisations, you want to nurture and grow your staff, taking into account cultural fit and potential longevity of the candidate. There's a recruiter that's right for you!

The recruitment industry is ideal for choice and competition- just how we like it!

Where Does Westray fit into this?

Our recruitment consultants focus on three main aspects of recruitment:

- Customer experience

- Culture and personality fit

- Our views of the candidate.

Customer experience

Customer focus at Westray is two-fold. You have Clients, which are organisations looking to recruit new talent, and Candidates that are jobseekers. This is the issue for a recruitment consultant, as balancing the needs of both can be a task.

That's where the 'consultant' part comes into it. We inform ourselves, foremost, learning all we can about the needs of both client and the candidate, so that we are able to place the right candidate with the right client.

This is why we are the experts, we take the time to listen and learn about our customers.

Culture and personality fit

Culture fit is the MOST important aspect of hiring.

Cultural fit is the glue that holds the organisation together.

Culture has seen a resurgence of interest in recent years. No longer is the focus a bum on a seat, but a valued team member that can learn and develop with the organisation.

This is our focus.

As experts, we have experience of consistently placing the right candidate in the right role. How do we achieve this time after time? We listen, we learn and we apply our vast experience to every placement to ensure cultural fit.

Our views of the client

We are experts. Recruitment is our passion and this means we do it very well.

We have been around since 1990. We’ve seen peaks and troughs in the industry and we look forward to continuing to dominate the industry in the future. You don't get to this point by not being a good judge of character, or understanding the needs of your client.

We can tell when someone will be a perfect fit, and in a profession dependent on the changing whims of people, we are very successful at co-ordinating this process.

How does this relate to Recruitment consultancy?

What is a consultant?

'a person who provides expert advice professionally.'

The above points exemplify our expertise. We provide a consultative service because the core of what we do is to direct the recruitment aspect of your business in the best possible way.

We aim to make you fall in love with the recruitment process. Our bespoke service will Meet all of your requirements, to the highest possible standards.

Get in touch today, and see how we can help.

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