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What Can Job Seekers Learn From The England Cricket Team?

On Sunday night the UK celebrated the historic success of the England Cricket team winning the World Cup for the first time in history in what has been described as ‘one of the greatest cricket matches ever seen’. The match was extremely close, putting both teams head-to-head right until the last minute in a heated and thrilling finale.

But how does this relate to the recruitment industry? There are many times in a Recruitment Consultant’s week where candidates are put forward for a job role and a decision is made at the last minute, meaning each step candidates have taken throughout the process can prove to be crucial. The England Cricketers are an excellent representation of how determination, preparation and self-belief can be crucial in those final moments.

What else can we learn from the England Cricket team? Although a team sport, the individuals pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and needed excellent self-motivation. Similar with job interviews, the more preparation you put in beforehand, the more confidence you are likely to have; pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can be critical if you wish to progress and stand out from other candidates.

I’m sure everyone will agree that the England Cricket team deserve huge congratulations and every success.They are an inspiration to us all and help show people in and outside of sport that with enough hard work and determination, we can accomplish our goals; whether that be applying for a new job role that you may think is out of your reach or taking that next step in your career.

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*Image credited from England Cricket Twitter [email protected]

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