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We have rebranded!

IT'S OFFICIAL! We have rebranded! As a business we're passionate about issues including the environment, animal welfare, mental health and also helping people into work.

As a business we recently announced our brand values of being Accountable, Ethical, Community and Real ... but we also wanted to go further!

In a world of meaningless one-off token gestures which are all too common, we wanted to show our commitment to the environment and our new direction for the company by matching this in the public face of the company, our logo.

When you see Westray Recruitment Group we want you to think "the green recruiter" and know that behind our words we have a solid #ESG policy and even a #NetZero recruitment offer to clients.

Today is just our first step on sharing our vision, but if you want to work with a recruitment partner who has the same values, mission and passion you do. Choose Westray!

Find out more about our ESG policy here: https://www.westrayrecruitment.co.uk/environmental-social-governance



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