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Training & Development: The Secret to a Harmonious Head Quarter

What is better than an average Friday?

The Friday before a Bank Holiday, I can smell the BBQ and beers already!

After a week of training, my brain feels as though it has just crossed the triathlon finish line and is searching for the nearest refreshment tent.

This week, I was lucky enough to undertake Harrison Assessment training; passionate about psychology and behavioral competencies, I was excited to develop my self-awareness and be introduced to a highly valuable recruitment tool.

To say this was a mind-blowing experience would be an understatement.

Delving into the individual psyche is scary; willingly opening up your ‘behavioral DNA’ can put one in an intensely vulnerable position. Whilst our course was made up of engaged and curious attendees, who delved into every aspect of the curriculum; it got me thinking that some people would feel utterly intimidated, highlighting the importance of tailoring training resources to the needs of an individual.

It goes without saying that humans are complex creatures, each carrying unique make-up and motivators. It therefore seems obvious that we all learn in different ways and carry preference on delivery.

Training can often prove a costly and time-consuming investment for an employer, emphasising the importance of ensuring employees are operating in an ‘optimum absorption area.’ Do not make the common mistake of presuming that your workforce will all take the same away from a course, or, that they even want to be involved in the first place!

When it comes to training programmes, discriminate carefully as touched on previously, as not all professionals will score high on the self-improvement scale.

Some employees may be reluctant, or even unwilling, when it comes to development – remember, this is not necessarily a negative trait if understood and tailored to correctly. Flip the coin, what happens if your entire workforce is interested in attending training courses, but the budget won’t allow?

Nothing hinders workplace productivity or engagement like whispers of favoritism. It is vitally important that every employee carries an individual Personal Development Plan (PDP) which incorporates development and training options. Training must prove beneficial to the employees PDP and achievement of set goals and targets. This helps to eliminate the feeling of preference and rejection in the workforce, as long as clear expectations are set and progress documented.

It is important for employers to remember that an employee’s training journey is a personal one, therefore, allow them to guide the process.

Imagine you have paid for your employee to go on a training course, resulting in three days out the office. The employee returns enthusiastic and excited to share their new insight with colleagues and management; however, they are instantly tied back to their desks, not given time for individual or team debrief.

Two months pass by with no time allocated for reflection, the employee’s new knowledge has been stored away in their mental Pandora’s Box and your investment has brought the same return as the ‘two penny slot’ at your local seaside arcade.

Training is an extremely valuable tool, as long as it lies in the right hands.

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