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Thank you to all of our amazing temps!

Imagine yourself at home, cosy and warm having just had dinner, it’s pouring down with rain and it’s cold outside but you’ve got a relaxing evening at home with your family to look forward to. Then your phone rings. It’s Amy, the recruiter who helped you find your current temporary role. The client has asked for a few extra staff to get them over the line on production targets and Amy’s all but begging you to go into work on your night off. Without hesitation, you get your gear, put your coat on and walk outside into that driving rain to catch a bus to work. It’s 19:30, dark, and you won’t be home until it’s light again.

How many of us can really say we’d do that? I’d love to tell you I would, but cards on the table, I reckon I’d be lying. It can be frustrating, it can be really intrusive and it can clearly lack some of the security that a permanent job can offer. But for some, it can be a bloody good way of getting a foot in the door, and through hard work, diligence and reliability, securing yourself a permanent contract in a role you’re great at, and importantly, enjoy.

As recruiters, especially on a temporary desk, we can often get wrapped up in the countless frustrations we encounter: short-notice requirements, last minute sickness, horrible shift patterns to fill, job roles that some think they’re too good for, unreliable temporary staff, I could go on and on and on. Take a second and think about the scenario above, would you do it? I didn’t make that up, it’s a real-world scenario, and 7 of our temps reacted in that exact same way just last night. They have a goal, and they know what they need to do to get there. I respect that, and more importantly, I’m grateful for it. Without people like that to rely on, I couldn’t fill jobs, if I couldn’t fill jobs I wouldn’t have clients and if I didn’t have clients I wouldn’t have a job. Taking the time to realise that makes me all the more grateful for the brilliant people I get to work with.

We’ve had temps who said yes, every single time, never let us down and they’re now 10 years into a permanent contract and I hire staff to report into them. THAT is exactly what’s on offer a lot of the time, an opportunity, and often, that’s all these great people need.

To temps everywhere, thank you so so much, keep up the brilliant work!

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