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Should I stay or should I go now?

Well, I am back writing about my favourite topic… sport! This week I want to talk about Claudio Ranieri. This man took a depleted Premier League Team on the cusp of relegation one season and transformed them into gladiators to sweep everyone aside and win the league!

You would think that his job would have been the safest in the premier league; if you were a Leicester fan at the end of last season you could have bet your wages on the queen being dethroned rather than see Ranieri get sacked. This has thus got me thinking and turned my attention to the following questions: What is loyalty? What does it count for?

A recent Time article stated the following, “Figures in the UK are hard to come by, but as a guide, in the USA the average time spent with a single company is 4.6 years”.

Bearing that in mind, I would suggest that even if you are the highest flying achiever in your workplace, your card is always marked… You always have to perform… your feet are never really under the table! Even when everything is going well; you are excelling above your peers, you are meeting all of your objectives, you are thriving in the workplace… You should ALWAYS have your eye on the job market. People leave jobs for differing reasons; if Ranieri left his role at the end of last season his stock was so high that he could have had his pick of job roles. Yet, 12 months later, his stock has fallen and now his marketability has declined.

The moral of my story is do not only look to move in the job market due to reasons of redundancy or when things are on the slide. Times when your stock and value are in the ascendancy is the best time to move! It can lead to greater rewards and greater bargaining power. This is a message to all the passive candidates out there: maintain active in the job market, even when you feel settled and the rewards will follow.

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