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September Surge: Engineering Jobs in the North East to Boom!

I'm going to let you in on a secret about engineering jobs in the North East – September is a fantastic time of year to start your job hunt!

We have experienced a great summer. England lifted the nations spirits at the world cup and we enjoyed a summer heat wave that was unrivaled since 1976. Not to mention with schools off and people enjoying their summer vacations, the drive to work has been a lot quicker and a whole lot less stressful.

Now I don’t want to be the party-pooper, or the kill joy, but to paraphrase Game Of Thrones “Winter is coming” and around this time of year, we see a huge spike in recruitment.

This is because we are left with the feeling of 'now what'?

Engineering recruitment spikes

In engineering recruitment, there are the annual anticipated spikes in demand that follow seasonal changes. Having worked for Westray for over 6 years now, I have noticed trends that are obvious to the expert recruiter. The most apparant (and clichéd) recruitment spike, is the whole New Year/new job philosophy.

Next is April/May time and this peak happens two fold. Traditionally in the public sector, employers look to spend their year-end budgets, fearful of the dreaded departmental budget cut. In addition, those who have experienced the cash flow drought within the 1st quarter, have their budgets renewed post-April. Once free of the tightened purse strings, there is a wave of frenzied recruitment activity!

In the private Sector, April is often regarded as the new financial year, and so businesses look to enact their strategies for the coming year. With this prosperity thinking, it often brings new staffing opportunites.

What happens in September?

With the above examples in mind, perhaps the most little known spike in engineering jobs, occurs around September time.

We have used up our holiday allocation, the dark nights are on the horizon, the kids go back to school and the winter blues are fast approaching. With this waft of gloom in the air we tend to see an increased number of candidates entering the marketplace.

This is an ideal time for our clients, (or prospective clients) to promote any engineering jobs North East they may have. Additionally, this is also a great time for candidates to register with Westray and pursue the next chapter in their career. This is because the marketplace will soon experience the kick-start needed to support mass labour movement. Once people begin to move within the market, the wheels are set in motion that force almost all organisations to scramble, to ensure they secure the best talent available on the market.

With this 'domino' effect, opportunities persist as organisations look to regain the skills they may have lost. Whether due to the employment shake-up, or the focus on securing the right candidate, they need to be ready to accept new talent into the fold.

Whether you are a prospective client or candidate – September is a great time to engage the services of Westray Recruitment Consultants.

So why don’t you give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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