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My predictions for 2017 and the Recruitment Industry

With the working year almost at an end, to look back and say it has been a turbulent 12 months would be my biggest understatement. What with Brexit coming to a head, a new US presidency, various economic issues and let’s throw in multiple waves of terror whilst we’re at it, 2016 has well and truly tested us to our core. For the recruitment industry, whilst faced with uncertainty, it has remained resilient and allowed me to remain confident for 2017 moving forward. I have worked in recruitment for almost four years now and throughout my time in the sector, have witnessed many changes. From the ongoing development of the internet and social media to the way in which we recruit and head hunt for new and emerging jobs and industries, the industry, as always, has kept us on our toes and at times, been both our best friend and worst enemy.

So what can we expect from 2017? Here are my predictions.

Social recruiting

Given the advancement of the industry and how it has developed alongside emerging technology, it is no surprise that recruiters these days have to be tech savvy in order to stay ahead. Constantly developing, social recruiting will always be relevant, as let’s be honest, social media itself is going nowhere. Using a number of techniques to be able to gain and source candidates is a must, as the days of just trawling the job boards are way behind us. Have your fingers in a number of pies, be social media savvy and rely on the powers of the internet and social media to aid your search.

Employee well-being

With increasing demands on budgets, keeping current employees engaged and happy has never been more key. With employee turnover costing between 50% - 60% of the employee's salary, businesses need to keep hold of the talent they have and ensure keep productivity remains high. Being employee centric, focusing on internal development and training rather than new hires and offering additional benefits are going to be main areas of focus in 2017.


2017 will be the year to embrace the mobile revolution if you haven’t already done so that is. As a company, we’ve taken heed of this with a new, fully, optimised mobile friendly site which enables people to view on a scaled version without comprising on the quality. Operating under the notion that the customer is key, anyway in which you can enhance their journey is going to benefit you massively. With an increase in those working on the move, whether it’s responding to emails, taking important calls or working on an important spreadsheet, there’s not a lot that mobiles cannot do these days, and they’re only set to get better. Stay involved and be part of the mobile movement!

Temporary and contract jobs:

A blended workforce is likely to become more apparent next year as businesses take into account the rise in contract and temporary assignments. To meet business needs, full-time permanent positions are not always the best solution and as a result, companies will rely on recruiters to be able to fill demand without the commitment of having to take them on permanently. In 2017, I expect both recruiters and businesses to take preference of those who are able to offer a flexible mind set with the same skillset of an individual who works full time.

What are your predictions for the New Year?

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