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Redefining our Mission

At Westray we have recently been reviewing our mission, our values and our brand statement to make sure who we are in 2022 is both true to ourselves but also reflective of where we want to be as a business.

From this process our team we produced the following statements:

Our Mission

  • To provide an outstanding recruitment service

Our Values

  • Accountable
  • Ethical
  • Community
  • Real

Our Brand Statement

  • Be Different

What does this mean?

This simple statement runs right through all our company and in essence is what makes us Westray Recruitment Group. Within this, if we develop these central themes we can take them deeper regarding the branding.

First of all we are a collection of people with different skills, personalities, strengths and weaknesses, motivations, management styles, even down to the qualities what makes a good perm recruiter and what makes a good temp recruiter.

The success of Westray can only function and be grown with a combination of every staff members unique skill set.

We want to hire the best, develop people into the best, we want to give careers, we want to grow, we want a happy work environment, we want to reward, etc. This is us wanting to be different.

Our service – we go above and beyond.

We are different REC Gold Auditor Status sets us apart in our region.

Be Different is challenging the passive candidate to apply and the active candidate to keep applying.

From working in recruitment, the greatest journey we see is a temp who goes from temp, perm, team leader, supervisor, to production manager. Being different to these people is about rising up, being different and wanting to better themselves!

We can all agree these are the candidates we want to attract as those who aspire to this are the ones that move in the market place and don’t let you down.

We should be communicating our marketing at these people. It also challenges the candidate to come and experience something different with our service!

Mental Health, Conservation and Charity

We want to challenge and change perceptions. We want to be different and stand up in our industry and be proud of what we do.

Our industry helps make companies expand, grow, survive recession. It get’s them through covid, sorts the shortage of drivers bringing fuel to the pumps, gives us people to pick fruit, workerswhen they need it most.

Overall we're a people business and the more we understand our stakeholders and the challenges they go through, the more we can serve them in the future.

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If you would like to find out more about Westray Recruitment Group, you can find out more at www.WestrayRecruitment.co.uk or call us on 0191 492 6622 or 01642 612600 today.

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