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Receptionists Are Key!

Prior to attending an interview there are many obvious steps you might take to ensure you are prepared. This might include looking on a company’s website, researching the brand of a business, practicing interview techniques, or ensuring you have that brand new suit! However, have you ever stopped to think about who gets the first impression about you and what this can mean?

Here at Westray, while the main people our Receptionists come in to contact with are candidates and clients, they are also the first to see anyone for internal roles we have available and play a critical part in the interview process. They are our eyes and ears and will often be asked for their opinion on that ‘first impression’.

We asked our Receptionist team how they see their role during this process. They said ‘first impressions count and that includes the impression of us as well as our impression of them’ and ‘I believe that by engaging in small talk before an interview it can help to calm people’s nerves and set a positive tone, which may help them to open up more in their interview’.

The same applies to many of our clients! Hiring Managers will often refer back to their Receptionists to see how you came across during your first interactions with the business. So next time you attend an interview, consider the impression you leave on the Receptionist. Remember that first impressions really do count and so you want to stand out (in the right way!) Always make sure you arrive with a smile and are polite and friendly, you don’t have to have a lengthy conversation but having a brief chat will also help put you at ease.

If you are a candidate of ours invited for interview at any of our clients, we are always happy to support with interview guidance and preparation. This is just one of our many tips but please do use us as part of this process, after all, we receive interview feedback every day so we can only help!

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