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Most Effective Ways To Enhance Your Job Search

Looking for a new job can be stressful, especially if you’re in a situation that you never expected. However, making that next step in your career can be a huge learning experience and can also be very rewarding.

There are more ways than ever to look for a new role and although it can be overwhelming at first, there are so many platforms you can use and also people who can help you make that next move.

Recruitment Agencies

We may be bias but Recruitment Agencies are a great place to look for a new role as they work with a variety of clients and are specialists in what they do, showing you options and roles you may have not otherwise considered. Speaking with specialist Recruiters may help reduce the pressure you put on yourself and help you look further afield to find that perfect role. It’s their job to ensure your CV includes the most important information and to promote your skill set to potential employers. They can also help you prepare for interviews and give useful feedback for the future. Recruitment Agencies often work exclusively with companies, meaning they may have a job available you cannot find anywhere else!

Job Boards

During your job search, it’s advantageous if you sign up to job boards. It isn’t possible to scroll through job boards 24/7 and apply for every job you see so by registering your email address and uploading your CV, this allows businesses to contact you regarding any relevant roles that match your CV.

Job boards have become increasingly popular and are one of the easiest ways to see live vacancies in your area. Most companies now use these platforms to advertise vacancies and they are updated on a daily basis.

Company Websites

Unless you know a company is hiring it can be difficult to find the time to look through each individual website. However, this can be a useful method if you have a particular company you would like to work for. A lot of larger organisations also give you the option to subscribe to new job alerts.

It is also worth following target companies on LinkedIn and seeing if you can connect with Managers, although they may not have a job live at that moment in time this could prompt them to keep you in mind for any future roles – first impressions are important!

Social Media

Without realising it, so many of us are guilty of spending hours on our phones every day scrolling through social media platforms. Organisations have therefore recognised the importance of promoting jobs in this way.

Facebook and LinkedIn now have specific sections dedicated to job postings, giving you another way of finding that ideal role. This also allows companies to reach out on a more personal level, allowing you to gain greater insight into the company culture and the type of business.

Social media platforms are also a great way to help spread awareness. Tagging friends and family in posts is highly beneficial for both the company and the candidate looking for a job.

There are also numerous Facebook groups that are dedicated to job postings in your area. For example: ‘Newcastle jobs and vacancies’ is a platform where employers are able to post their job advert or candidates can ask others if they know where is recruiting. It’s a fantastic forum and is a great way to get your name known. However, remember that whilst these forums are on social media, they should be treated as a professional platform.

Search Engines

We live in a digital world and I’m sure most of us recognise we use search engines on a constant basis (gone are the days we take books out of the library!). Now, our first port of call is typing into a search engine. This also applied when searching for jobs; searching for a job title in your area is a great place to start your search, for example: ‘Customer Service Advisor in Gateshead’ will bring up relevant results from the keywords you have used. It may also bring up similar roles and allow you to look further afield, therefore widening your search.

Word Of Mouth

Talk, talk, talk! Speaking to friends and family and letting others know you are looking for your next role and asking them to look out on your behalf is extremely important as they might have contacts of their own who they know are hiring. Or vice versa, someone you know might be looking for a job and you can inform them. Recommendations are also a great way to help others find employment, whether it is passing on a good for someone you have worked with or recommending someone on LinkedIn, every little helps!

Fancy A Chat?

If you are searching for your next role, please take a look at our website: www.westrayrecruitment.co.uk/vacancies as we have a range of roles available across the Industrial & Manufacturing, Technical & Engineering and Commercial sectors. Our specialist Recruitment Consultants will be happy to help you look for the next step in your career.

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