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Misconceptions in Recruitment: Recruiters never get back to people

Recently our Technical and Engineering Manager Tony Hutchinson ran a series of social media posts on misconceptions within the industry. Today, “recruiters never get back to people”

At the moment it is a challenging marketplace with huge demand on job opportunities and many recruiters receive literally thousands of applications. Due to numbers often recruiters can’t speak to everyone, but we do our best.

It is lazy for a recruiter to not come back to a candidate. I think some recruiters are scared of giving bad news but in all my time in recruitment I have never had a candidate be angry at the fact that they were unsuccessful.

At Westray Recruitment Group we always make the effort to look after you. In all walks of life you get good guys and bad guys. It is just unfortunate that the bad guys spoil it for the rest of us.

It is important to give feedback for many reasons. Just because a person was not successful for one application it does not mean that this will be true for all applications.

Engineering is a candidate short market place, often with more jobs than the candidates we need, so I work on the basis that I will need an engineer before an engineer needs me! If you’re looking for your next role, please get in touch!

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