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Misconceptions in Recruitment: Recruiters do nothing to earn our fee

Over the next few weeks we are going to talk about some hot topics in the recruitment industry, the next being that Recruiters do nothing to earn their fee!

Misconception: We do nothing to earn our fee!

The reality is that we conduct business development for months and even years prior to gaining an opportunity to represent a client!

We eventually meet with the client, agree terms, take the job order, clarify the role and person brief, take the role to market, scour our network for candidates, promote the benefits of opportunities, sell the employers brand to candidates, conduct face to face interviews, conduct psychometric testing, we gain certifications/right to work, we create CV's and write justifications as to why candidates are suitable.

We manage the interview process both for client and candidate, we act as the mediator between candidate and client, we then deliver the offer, guide candidates through the leaving process, we ensure we get everything in writing for candidates & clients and we then stay in touch with candidates as part of a full aftercare service offering.

In short, we make finding talent and securing work as painless and effortless as possible for both clients & candidates!! #recruitment #careers #engineering

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