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Misconceptions in Recruitment: It's not worth applying

)ver the next few weeks we are going to talk about some hot topics in the recruitment industry, the next being, "it's not worth applying for the role"!

It is correct that we receive hundreds of applications but on average, I would say I submit no more than half a dozen candidates per assignment. Due to the technical nature of the roles in my sector, there are occasions that I will only have 2-3 suitable candidates or even only 1.

My advice is, if a Recruitment Consultant contacts you, it is likely you are a close match for the role. It is more typically my experience that candidates rule themselves out on the basis of factors including salary, location and working hours, rather than me ruling them out.

I work on the notion that when a client provides me with a brief, I match that as closely as possible. Therefore, if I reach out to you, it means I think you could be a strong fit. However, when an employer progresses you to interview, they are more likely to be assessing how you would integrate within the team, how you will develop in the role and how you can add value to the business.

In summary, it is always worth applying for the role if your skills and experience match the criteria!

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