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Misconceptions in Recruitment: How can you recruit engineers?

We are talking about some hot topics in the recruitment industry, including many misconceptions, the next being if you are not an Engineer, how can you recruit Engineers? Westray Recruitment Group

Well my counter to that is if I was a Design Engineer, I would be a Design Engineer. I am not an Engineer but I have led the Technical and Engineering desk within Westray for around 8 years.

It is my longevity within the role here at Westray that has provided me with my specialism. Through experience, I know what makes a good candidate and what does not. In it’s simplicity, the key to being a good recruiter is the ability to take a strong job brief, clarify all the parameters and then produce candidates that match the brief.

Recruitment requires many skills from account management, sales, negotiation, administration, analytical sourcing, etc, etc, etc just having an engineering mind set is not enough to succeed in the industry alone.

When I recruit for Westray on my division, give me resilience, drive, ambition & determination any day of the week over technical knowledge. I guarantee you will go further in recruitment with the above traits. There is an old saying and it remains true today, you can teach skills & knowledge but you can’t teach attitude. #recruitment #engineering

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