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International Women's Week 2021

At Westray we are a business built by an incredible team, many of whom are women. For International Women’s Day, we’re actually going to celebrate inspirational women for the whole week, nominated by members of our team. Celebrate with us the people who have inspired us and continue to make our world a better place.

"Marie Colvin inspires me, she was a foreign correspondent for the Syrian war who ultimately lost her life there. She made a great impact reporting the tragedy that was happening in Syria and showed the world how lucky we are to wake up everyday and not live in fear." - Sadie Whiting-Wright

"Put me down for Jessica Ennis-Hill. Gold at London Olympic Games Heptathlon 2012. Silver in Rio Olympic Games Heptathlon 2016. I admire her drive and determination. She is sheer athlete through and through and had a baby and came back from it to win a silver in Rio. She is also has a great personality and I find her funny & engaging every time she is on the TV. She has got to be one of Britain’s greatest ever sports women!" - Tony Hutchinson

"My nomination for a women who has inspired me is Orla Guerin, she is a foreign correspondent for the BCC and is a journalist who always seems to be a the sharp end of foreign news reporting. She’s hard hitting in her reporting and seems to hold no fear for the danger she often appears to be in whilst reporting. Every time I watch one of her articles I am amazed by her tenacity and the openness of her reporting. I can't ever imagine her doing a “normal” desk job – whatever that is!" Wendy Dinning

"The most inspiring women in my life is definitely my mother hen. She’s beautiful, strong and a terrific mother. She would go above and beyond for anyone. Kind, considerate and a true model. She rocks my world!!" - Joe Harland

"The women that inspires me has got to be my Mam! I can only hope that I will follow in her footsteps and be as brilliant of a Mam & Nanna that she has always been to me and my children! We all love her lots." Katie Walker

"Dame Jane Goodall, "Considered to be one of the worlds experts on chimpanzees, for me, this lady is a force of nature. At age 87, she is still blazing a trail on global platforms, speaking in support of animal welfare, conservation and environmental issues. She has devoted her life to her beliefs and is still travelling the world in support of the causes she is passionate about. For me, an absolute unstoppable icon, who strives to make the world a better place."Maureen Wright

#IWD2021 #ChooseToChallenge

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