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How To Stay Motivated During Your Job Search

It can be a long, stressful process looking for a new job or career but it can be worth the wait. It’s important to understand the process may not happen overnight but keeping yourself motivated during the search will make the end result much more rewarding. Check out our tips below.

Set yourself goals

It’s crucial that you know what you want to achieve in your job search and where you see yourself at the end of the process. Getting organised and setting short term goals will make the process more manageable and less of a challenge. Setting aside time in your daily routine will make a more positive impact to your search and is a lot more productive than sitting in front of a computer continuously searching. Time management and organisation is key!

Update your CV

As obvious as it sounds, keeping your CV fully up-to-date is essential and must include all of the relevant information for the job you are applying for. This includes: email address, phone number, home address, education, all previous employers, recent/ relevant references and key skills. This gives the employer enough information to contact you, look into your skillset and understand your current situation. Most importantly, your CV should reflect your key attributes and focus on the positives. This will show the employer what you bring to the table and not what you can’t.

It’s extremely beneficial to have a second pair of eyes look over your CV and give you advice to improve, whether this a professional, recruiter or a trusted friend or relative. Employers sift through hundreds of applications when recruiting for their next position, so ensure your CV stands out!

Speak to professional Recruiters

Seeking advice or help from Recruiters can give you an extra advantage on finding your next role as they search for jobs on a daily basis and understand the industry better than anyone. Some employers use Recruitment companies to advertise exclusive jobs to help find the perfect candidate. For example, here at Westray Recruitment, we interview each candidate to find out more about their personality, skills and to understand their current situation. We can then help you with the job search to find the perfect role to suit you and take some of the stress away!

It’s important to not feel alone in the process and stay active during your search and speaking with professionals can only enhance your chances of finding your next career move.

Gain interview experience

You may get some interviews where you don’t feel suitable for the role but the employer has noticed some potential in you to call you and remember interview experience is key to build confidence and get a clearer understanding of what questions may be asked. You may also be surprised by the response and land yourself a role you never expected!

Research and preparation

Whilst organisation is key, preparation before interviews is also essential. This can entail researching the company and understanding their background to give you a clear insight on the role you are applying for and how you fit into the business. This also ensures you are prepared for any questions and first impressions make a huge difference! ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ is key when it comes to interview prep and the employer will be able to tell if you’ve done any research.

As recruiters, we understand the strain and emotions that come with a new job search and we’re here to help and give professional advice so don’t be afraid to ask! Finding your dream career won’t happen overnight but by putting in the work and commitment, you’ll find yourself landing that perfect job! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0191 492 6622. Most important, GOOD LUCK!

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