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How to Rock your First Day at Work

You were interviewed for the job of your life and you got it! Congratulations! You deserved it and you worked hard to get to this point, so you should be proud of yourself!

I bet you are looking forward to your first day!

Chances are if you are an introvert, the perspective of leaving your warm chair and moving to a new job, with a new crowd is a bit daunting. But fear not, below are some tips for you to transform your new colleagues in best friends!

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Start your day with a smile

Most likely, all of your new colleagues will come over and introduce themselves. People are generally nice. And don’t worry about having to remember all of their names from the first day.

However, you should ask them questions about their job as it will help you do your job better and will create a positive impression. Let your colleagues know that you're available to lend a helping hand. A little goodwill goes a long way.

Don’t act like a scared mouse when someone speaks with you! You earned your place and you belong here! Pay attention to your body language and stay open and welcoming.

Food, Food, Food

Everybody loves food and there are few ways you can take advantage of this!

Discover when people are going to take their lunch and join them. People love to be social and this would be a non-awkward way to start a conversation. Bonus points if your lunch looks delicious!

Or have you tried a new restaurant with amazing food? Be its promoter and organise an evening out with your co-workers!

If your job entails travelling, ask your host to take you to a local dining place – it will bring you closer than a formal 1 hour meeting in a boardroom.

Keep the conversation flowing

Don’t reply with short answers or the conversation will stop very soon, and so will the attempts of befriending you. Be a storyteller and give information about you and your personality. Throw in a joke or two to keep your audience interested, and don’t forget to ask about their stories as well!

Alternatively, ask for their Facebook/Twitter account and follow them. Connecting online will also help you. Is there a WhatsApp office chat? Be sure to join in.

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As much we love our job, everybody is looking forward to summer and their summer escape. This, is in most cases, will be a good topic to approach with colleagues. A trip to Jamaica with the significant other? A trip in the countryside with the children? You might pick some ideas too.

Considering you will spend 8 hours per day, 5 days a week at work, it’s important to create lasting connections with your co-workers as they can make or destroy your day.

Hopefully, you can implement a few of these tips in to your everyday life in your new workplace. Click here to see more posts from us!

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