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How Can We Overcome The Current Skills Gaps?

Skills gaps across the UK is one of the hot topics in the news at the moment and according to a recent report from the Open University (2019), skills shortages are costing the UK economy billions of pounds in recruitment fees, increased salaries and internal training. But how can recruitment companies and direct employers support in overcoming these obstacles?


As a Recruitment Consultancy, we work with our clients to ensure the best talent is hired and the right candidates are found to fit each role. However, with the increasing gaps in skills across many sectors, it can sometimes prove difficult to find exact matches. We therefore work alongside our clients to understand other solutions. This can include recruiting a lower entry candidate and then providing internal training to upskill or broadening the requirements and hiring a candidate with an adaptable skillset. Elsewhere, employers are increasingly upskilling their current workforce where possible, providing internal training and promotions and then recruiting at a lower level.


Targeting the passive candidate market is becoming more vital in the recruitment industry, utilising social media tools such as targeted adverts and premium LinkedIn accounts to support with this. Due to a lack of talent available in certain areas, we work to build talent pools of candidates to enable quicker response times to client requirements. After all, anyone can be settled in their place of work but who would say no if there dream role was put in front of them?


Businesses continue to utilise Apprenticeships as a valuable investment and ability to secure fresh candidates who are keen to quickly develop in the workplace. This enables employers to recruit often unskilled people and develop them in a particular field, with apprenticeships becoming more popular particularly amongst young people as an alternative to further or higher education.


Finally, recruiting staff on a temporary basis can often be an ideal way for employers to fill a short-term need. This can be particularly useful when a skills shortage is in place, as it enables a business to have someone providing temporary support whilst they find the ideal permanent candidate. Here at Westray, we have consultants who can provide you with temporary or contract staff.

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Take a look at The Open University reports here:



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