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Entrepreneurial skills in demand

It is well documented that the current job market is especially tough compared to recent years. Due to COVID, many businesses have been affected and although some sectors have seen an uplift, such as logistics and technology, areas such as hospitality and retail have seen the biggest losses and the overall job market is still in flux.

At Westray Recruitment Group, when speaking to job hunters in this market we encourage them to play to their strengths.

Employers are being even more selective over the skills they seek. One of the most in-demand is the ability to be entrepreneurial and think for yourself, as well as being technically able to complete the job role you’re after.

The trait to be self-sufficient allows employers to run a leaner business with less management, but also these people are better at identifying new opportunities for improvement and growth. Entrepreneurial employees are therefore a lot more valuable and in hot demand. For your next job search, keep this in mind when communicating your skills and use it as an opportunity to shine.

Being entrepreneurial is also a growing trend with large numbers of people now choosing to work for themselves.

Freelancers provide a key role within the economy. A recent survey of over 1,000 SME owner-managers and senior executives conducted by Trinity Business School and the University of Derby, found that found that when freelancers make up at least 11% of a company’s workforce, that firm’s productivity will increase and generate greater profits.

Although the report it focuses solely on freelancers, we believe it is the skill set of being entrepreneurial and having a team of self-starters which makes the difference, not simply the employment status.

Supporting job seekers and companies is something that we’re extremely passionate about and this is just part of the reason Westray Recruitment Group have chosen to sponsor the People Power event on 18 Sept 2020.

As a business we are here to support you in your journey and we can’t wait to see you at the event.


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