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Digital agency gets to the heart of the matter

A CSR project undertaken by digital marketing agency White Digital took an emotional turn when a community defibrillator intended to be situated at the firm’s Darlington offices was gifted instead to a recruitment agency who tragically lost a member of its team to cardiac arrest while at work.

It was after doing their research with the support of the North East Ambulance Service that White Digital discovered there were already three community defibrillators within the required 200-metre vicinity of their offices.

Not wanting to renege on their project, nor stop the purchase of the defibrillator, the kind- hearted White Digital team, led by MD Doug Dinwiddie, agreed to reach out to their contacts to see if the life-saving equipment could be placed elsewhere.

Having posted on Linked In, marketing manager Chloe Page soon received a message from Ashleigh Wright at Westray Recruitment in Gateshead’s Team Valley who explained how her colleague Glen had tragically died on site in 2018.

The White Digital team saw the gift of the device as a fitting way to honour the memory of a much-missed colleague.

And after approval by the North East Ambulance Service, the defibrillator now sits proudly on the outside of the Westray office wall for employees, visitors to the office and the local community to use in case of a cardiac arrest on site or within a 200 metre radius.

“In the case of a cardiac arrest, the 999 operator will inform you if there’s a defibrillator within 200m of your location and will direct you in how to collect the defib from the security box to use if needed,” explained Chloe.

“You don’t need to be trained in how to use it, often the machine will instruct you what you need to do and you’ll have the support of the 999 operator. You also can’t deliver a shock accidentally, the machine will detect whether the patient needs to be treated.

“For every minute it takes for a patient to receive the treatment of a defib, their chances of survival reduce by 10 per cent and while both the teams at here at White Digital and at Westray hope the defib never needs to be used, we’re immensely proud to have gifted this piece of life saving equipment in memory of an extremely special man.”


Credit: Tees Business

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