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Catch-up Calls and WFH

So, I had my first catch-up call with Katie in her people-focused role yesterday afternoon. I wasn’t at my laptop at the time, I was off watching The Chase in my lounge, only kidding Maureen – I promise.

We shovelled coal into Microsoft Teams, which must surely be buckling under massive #WFH pressure, I hid the bottle of Budweiser I’d just opened, and we got chatting. We resisted the urge to chat about productivity (mostly) and instead focused on how we’re finding working from home and being isolated from our colleagues, family and friends.

We chatted about the things you don’t think of when planning to work from home, like how much I love my oak dining table for meals but hate it for working at because the angles are just slightly out for truly comfortable typing and mouse-work. Or how the sun spilling into the kitchen is the best thing ever when you drink your morning coffee and watch BBC Breakfast before heading to work but is blinding when you’re trying to work at a laptop.

We talked about the need for regular little stand-up breaks that we get in the office heading to meetings or to chat to colleagues but don’t really get when working from home without a conscious effort. We decided that I can eat more healthily at home (Katie does regardless) without the temptation of GJs Sandwich Hut or M&S and that I definitely drink more coffee at home too.

Basically, we chatted. In the way we always did in the office, and you know what, it really made a difference. I guess I could have said all that in one sentence, couldn’t I?

Oh well.

Have a great day everyone, and stay safe!

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