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Body Art In The Workplace

Most of us have a dress code in the workplace and it’s important we adhere to this to professionally represent the company we work for. However, how does this apply when it comes to tattoos and piercings? Body art plays a huge part in our culture today; according to reports, approximately 30% of people aged between 25 and 39 have a tattoo (or multiple). Despite this statistic, it’s still reported that people have been knocked back from interviews or potential employment due to having visible tattoos. This raises the question, should employers be able to discriminate against body art and piercings?

Many employers recruiting white-collar workers have policies in place regarding tattoos and piercings, for example, tattoos should be covered during work hours or certain body piercings should be removed. But what happens when people have body art on their face, neck and hands? It is a fact that some businesses will avoid hiring someone based on this factor. On one hand, this can link to the ‘professional’ element required from a job role, however, does this impact the person’s standard of work?

This level of acceptance can differ when it comes to more blue-collar or hospitality based roles, whereby employers can seem to be more accepting with the exposure of body art. However, even in these industries there can still be policies in place, this can include the area of the body where tattoos or piercings are or the nature of the imagery.

In a recent post, we discussed the current shift in workplace culture with regards to the use of colloquial language and a more relaxed dress code. This can link to the fact some employers now embrace the exposure of body art as a way of encouraging the expression of individuality and personality.

What’s your opinion on the exposure of body art in the workplace? Is it fair to not hire someone based on a personal decision they make regarding their body? Or is there a line of professionalism we must all respect? Let us know what you think!

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