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4 myths about psychometric testing debunked

Psychometric tests can be essential to the recruitment process. They are tools to identify behavioural styles and the mental capabilities of candidates. By doing so, recruiters hope to show how much of a good fit a candidate could be for a role.

In some cases, these tests can be make or break for the prospective candidate. For this reason, there is a great deal of controversy surrounding their use as part of the recruitment process. The mention of tests can increase anxiety during the interview process. It can also discourage potential candidates due to the fear of failure.

We are going to debunk some popular myths about psychometric testing, to justify their use.

1. All candidates fake responses.

The tests can sometimes follow a multiple-choice format, leading to the belief that the tests can be 'fixed' by candidates. This could be potentially very dangerous. This could give the wrong impression of the candidate, and result in them being employed in an unsuitable role.

This is identified and psychometric testers screen for this. They ensure questions and answers are worded to avoid perceived 'socially desirable' answering.

2. Mood and environment effect results.

What happens if it’s the day of your test, and you're having some issues?

Will this affect your performance?

The simple answer is no.

This has been completely debunked recently. Researchers have proven that the tests are very robust, displaying the same results over many years and locations. This is very useful to recruiters as it offers an effective look into the candidate that is consistent over time,

3. Tests cannot predict future work performance.

Depending on the test used, a variety of metrics can be gleaned. From predicted performance to coaching needs, the authors of the test can aim the questions at anything they need to know.

The recruiters can screen for the desirable behaviours , skills and competency required. A test can then be formed around this information, ensuring they are effectively aimed to find the ideal candidate.

4. Anybody can do any job if trained to.

We are made to believe we can be anything we put our minds to. However, psychometric tests can show us if a candidate has the required skills needed for certain occupations.

An example of this is candidates for a management role. The website Prospects discusses the skills of a manager, stating they need good communication both written and verbal, good organisation and be very forward thinking. Psychometric tests can be used to identify these traits and save the organisation hiring somebody unsuitable.

Psychometric tests in recruitment

Recruitment testing

Psychometric tests have a definite place in the recruitment process. They offer a look into a candidate’s behaviours and skills that other interview processes lack. For the majority of roles, they can be an effective tool if used correctly.

We now have the capability at Westray to design and moderate psychometric testing. For organisations, this makes it easier than ever to ensure you get the right person, first time.

If you are a job seeker, psychometric testing can help us ensure you're applying for the correct role. We can find out what role you're best suited to, and advise your career planning around this. All of this to ensure you have the best chance to achieve your dream role!

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