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The Rise of WFH: strategies to thrive in the 'working from home' era

Why is working from home is on the rise?

Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, companies around the world have been compelled to embrace hybrid or remote work models in order to maintain their operations. This shift has brought about both advantages and disadvantages, shaping the narrative surrounding such work arrangements.

Pros of working hybrid/remote

Cost saving: Hybrid work/remote work reduces costs associated with commuting, office space and utilities. Employees can save money on transportation and work-related expenses, while employers can save on office rent and utilities.

Reduced commuting time: Remote workers can save time and money by not having to commute to and from the office. This saves on transportation expenses and reduces stress associated with long commutes.

Improved work-life balance: Hybrid/remote work allows individuals to spend more time with their families, pursue hobbies and engage in activities that contribute to overall well-being. This balance between work and personal life can lead to increased happiness.

Increased productivity: Many studies have shown that hybrid and remote workers tend to be more productive compared to traditional office workers. Fewer distractions and the ability to create a work environment tailored to individual preferences contribute to higher levels of productivity.

Cons of Working hybrid/remote

Communication: Remote work can make communication and collaboration more challenging, especially when dealing with complex projects or urgent matters. Face-to-face interaction is often more effective for brainstorming and building strong team dynamics.

Reduced Social Interaction: Working remotely or in a hybrid setup can be isolating, as employees may have limited opportunities for social interaction and personal connections with colleagues. Loneliness and the lack of a physical office environment can affect employees' mental well-being.

Work-Life Balance Challenges: Remote work can often blurs the line between personal and professional life, leading to an increased risk of overworking. Establishing boundaries and maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be more difficult in a remote or hybrid work arrangement.

Lack of Structure: Working outside of a traditional office setting may require higher levels of self-discipline and self-motivation. Individuals who struggle with self-management may find it harder to stay focused without the structure of an office environment.

How your business can adapt to the hybrid/remote model

Flexible work policies: Adopt flexible work policies that accommodate remote and hybrid work models. This includes offering flexible working hours, allowing employees to work from home or from a location of their choice and providing the option for part-time or full-time remote work.

Clear communication channels: Establish effective communication channels to ensure smooth coordination and collaboration among team members. This may involve implementing platforms for virtual meetings and project management systems that allow real-time updates and easy access to information.

Focus on results: Emphasise outcome-based performance rather than monitoring the time spent working. Hybrid and remote work models provide opportunities for employees to manage their time and work independently. Encourage a culture of trust and accountability.

Offer support and resources: Provide remote employees with the necessary support and resources to excel in their roles. This includes investing in remote work infrastructure and ensuring remote employees have access to necessary information and resources.

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