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International Investments and Promising Funding For Sunderland

Sunderland attracts a great amount of tourism into the North East, with the Stadium of Light as an entertainment venue proving to be a great example of this. Over the last decade the venue has welcomed world-class performers such as Spice Girls, Beyoncé, Take That and Rihanna to name a few.

But how important are these events to keeping the local economy stable? Well, international links for the region are crucial and help bring in new business prospects, jobs and revenue. According to recent reports, the city will be receiving a huge boost with around £45 million investment from such links. This will subsequently help create hundreds of new jobs and with around 90 international companies making Sunderland their home, the city will see growth to the already 26,000 jobs created.

Did you know that Sunderland is also among the five cities and towns in the North East that has been shortlisted to receive funding which is being given to help transform the high street? The five North East towns that have made it through to the next phase are Darlington, Stockton, Sunderland, South Shields and Bishop Auckland. If one of these towns are chosen to receive the multi-million-pound Future High Street Fund, this will help bring in promising new prospects for the North East. Who do you think this could be?

Like other articles we have posted, it is fantastic to see so much money, time and developments being pushed across the region, with lots of exciting new projects over the coming years. This means we have a lot to offer towards the UK economy despite the uncertainty of Brexit and so if we look after our region and help businesses be successful, the economy will look after us!

Sited from: Bdaily

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