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Last night, at 8pm, people all over Great Britain stood in the street and #ClapForOurCarers was born. A nation saying thank you to the amazing staff of our NHS, for risking their lives to save ours.

The internet is full of examples of British grit and resolve. You’ve all seen the milkman going about his deliveries amid the rubble of the 32nd consecutive night of bombing in London during World War Two.

To that collection, you can now add images of people stood on their doorsteps and in their streets, banging pots and pans, clapping, setting off fireworks and recording it all on their mobiles for posterity.

It’s difficult to articulate the impact of their work in words. Yes, they’re taking care of us or our friends and relatives. Yes, they’re saving lives, not just from Coronavirus but the many other accidents and emergencies that continue to befall people every day, only now they’re doing it under extreme circumstances, a lot like our friend the milkman.

Sometimes though, it’s the smaller, less obvious things they’re doing that have the biggest impact. They’re now video-calling people who can’t visit their sick relatives because of the isolation and providing regular updates. They’re doing so much more than we have any right to expect as we isolate ourselves at home in our comfortable clothes.

Whilst it will never do justice to the praise you deserve, for that, and everything else you do, this country applauds you…

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