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Celebrating 50 Years Of Pride

Here at Westray Recruitment Consultants, we recognise the movements the LGBT community make every day, however, this month is an opportunity for people to come together and recognise this.

Companies and individuals need to understand the continued struggle members of the LGBT community can still face on a continuous basis and look to support this regardless of the time of year. Discrimination is a huge factor when it comes to recruitment and as an industry, it is our responsibility to ensure every candidate is treated fairly and equally, assessed on their skills and experience as opposed to any form of sexual orientation. It’s the responsibility of businesses to, therefore, work to ensure they don’t just promote ‘equal opportunities’ but actually have policies in place to ensure these principles are adhered to.

Take the recent campaign by The Only Way is Essex’s Bobby Norris regarding online homophobic abuse. This highlights a prime example of how individuals are still subject to discrimination for simply being who they are, something which we should all work together to put an end to. This links into office politics and the use of language in the workplace, whereby individuals can make ‘throwaway comments’ that could have a much deeper impact on people than they think. Businesses, therefore, need to ensure discrimination is taken seriously and not tolerated under any circumstances.

There’s no denying that over the last few decades organisations across the UK and the globe have made huge steps in moving towards a more all-inclusive workplace. However, the fear of homophobia still exists in regards to job interviews, promotions and workplace culture. We must all, therefore, continue working together to ensure this comes to an end.

To find out more about Bobby Norris’ campaign, please following this link: ‘Make online homophobia a specific criminal offence’ https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/239444

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