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“Samantha provided us with a number of high calibre candidates”

Origin Fertilisers

Role: Health & Safety Compliance Manager

Westray secured our exclusive role of a Health and Safety Manager against a number of other national agencies as we found their unique honest approach far surpassed their competitors.

Samantha provided us with a number of high calibre candidates, leaving us with a rather difficult choice on final selection, though I must say that the whole process was made easier by Westray’s professional and valuable service, including the provision of a meeting room and ongoing hospitality.

Westray wrote the job specification as well as the interview question guidelines for both first and second interviews and went as far to conduct a debrief with us after every onsite interview to ensure we were getting the most from the process.
Tim, our new appointment, is settling in well and truly fits into our business. He is a great asset to us and a testament to Westray and the calibre to which they can provide.

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