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Candidate 3

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Katherine Rivett, 0191 492 6622, [email protected]

Position looking for

Software Engineer

Package sought

Looking for £40,000-£45,000

Reason for leaving/Reason for seeking a new opportunity

Left previous company due to company not being the right environment for him

Availability for interview

Available immediately

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Available immediately

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Own car

Candidate 3- Consultant Assessment

Candidate 3 was most recently working as an embedded hardware\software design engineer for an Electronics Manufacturer based in Newcastle, he is actively searching for a new role after having some time off, and he’s keen to move back into a hands on embedded software engineering position at a forward thinking and dynamic company. He holds a 2.1 Hons in Electrical\Electronic engineering and wealth of experience in embedded software and hardware design and coding.

Candidate 3 would class his core skill set as embedded software in ‘C’ and also product design from concept through to test. He is an excellent team player but is also comfortable taking the lead in projects and delegating and leading a team accordingly. Previous positions have involved him working as an Embedded C Design Software Engineer and FPGA HDL designer working on gamma ray ASIC technology. Also, working as a design engineer on embedded software working on motor controllers, specifically developing J1939 CAN based protocol for use within the automotive industry. One previous role involved him working as a senior embedded software design engineer specifically writing embedded software for equipment of signs. A notable role for Candidate 3 was a stint within the power generation control and instrumentation industry designing both hardware and writing embedded software. He also performed Systems design as required, he gained comprehensive experience in the design of both control and instrumentation equipment at a system and component level, getting involved with designing mixed analogue\digital circuitry using the latest electronic design\software techniques & tools such as FPGA’s, DSP and automatic code generation tools.

With a strong design and project lifecycle management background, candidate 3 would be a great asset to any technical business who’s looking for someone to create and code software and hardware to meet client requirements. He holds extremely high attention to detail and is excellent at time keeping and prioritising his work load. Candidate 3 is a sociable and friendly individual and likes working as both a team and working off his own initiative.

Upon interviewing with candidate 3, he would be looking for a role to utilise his embedded software programming and design skills, he has a very strong background in electronics, automotive and manufacturing but is highly adaptable to new environments. He relishes a challenge and would love the opportunity to demonstrate his skills with an interview or a simple introductory phone call. In his last role, he was earning £41,000 and would ideally be looking for a salary of £40,000-£45,000. Based in Hartlepool, he is happy commuting from anywhere in Teesside up to Tyneside, he can be available to start a new position almost immediately.

Career History


  • Worked on both small and large scale projects, including aircraft, in teams spread over multiple sites.
  • Work included designing the schematic and PCB layout, part selection, circuit assembly and embedded programming.


  • Working on embedded systems based on Gamma Ray detection equipment, this involved working with Xilinx FPGA HDL design and understanding systems from the ground up.


  • Developed the J1939 protocol for use within the automotive industry.
  • Targeted motor controller platforms are the Texas 2812F DSP and Infineon XMC4400 microcontroller.
  • Worked with company’s version of the CANOpen protocol.
  • Developed bespoke CAN based protocol.


  • Worked on a rail sign development project which had to be done in logic to SIL III safety level. We targeted an ACTEL Flash based FPGA and the logic is written in VHDL.
  • Part of the safety case which included the use of Modelsim PE code coverage tools.
  • Experience with Synplify FPGA Design Tools.
  • Worked on a new development designing a new range of sign products. These products use Altera FPGA’s and MAX II CPLD devices. The FPGA’s incorporate the NIOS II 32-bit embedded soft core. All the new modules use this soft core and the role developed new embedded ‘C’ applications using this product.
  • Experience writing VHDL modules to interface with the central processor core.
  • Evaluated a D16750 UART soft core and a CAN communications soft core on these projects. Both these cores are now being used in the FPGA’s for communications in signs, providing a total FPGA solution for the products.


  • Primarily worked on a 28F12 Texas DSP Processor, developing vector control motor applications in embedded ‘C’.
  • Assisted in modelling the motor control system in Matlab\Simulink.
  • Learnt vector control from basics to application code.


  • Designing a configurable display control communications module.
  • Originally based around the PIC18F series of micro-controllers and the Hi-Tech ‘C’ compiler. This has was then upgraded to the LPC2138 Philips ARM based 32-bit RISC processor and Keil uvision3 IDE. The system is a safety critical one to SIL level 2 and BS65108. Worked on this system with two external contractors with safety system related experience.
  • Having designed the hardware, went on to work on a Remote Sensor unit application software. The software is written to be compliant with MISRA C 2004 guidelines.


  • Gained 20 years’ experience with Data Systems & Solutions as a Design Engineer.
  • Used Matlab\Simulink to develop an engine controller for small 30MW combined cycle power generation plant. The use of Matlab\Simulink in combination with its real time workshop allowed the controller to be designed in block diagram format which is then automatically coded into ‘C’.
  • Designed an embedded real-time valve controller module for use in an Electro-Hydraulic Governing (EHG) system. The board uses a Hitachi H8 micro-controller in conjunction with a Spartan II Xilinx FPGA. The FPGA is a mixed design using Schematic Capture & Verilog. The Verilog code was used to implement a PIC1657 micro-controller inside a Xilinx Spartan II FPGA.
  • Design Engineer for the development of a Triplex Modular Redundant (TMR) Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) control system to a value of £140,000. This system was designed from concept through to implementation, it included two new electronic board designs, one was a DSP module based around the Texas TMS320C4x processor and the other was based around the latest Xilinx range of FPGA’s. The processor board was programmed in ‘C’ and the FPGA’s in Schematic capture & Verilog. The target processor was then upgraded to the latest TMS6701 floating point DSP for performance, this was a military development project.
  • Completed the design of two new electronic modules used in Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) systems based around micro-controller and FPGA technology.
  • Completed the re-design of two new electronic modules using modern digital techniques to replace an obsolescent system.
  • Conducted two new module designs for a SCADA development based around the INTEL embedded 386ex processor and 8051 INTEL micro controller.
  • Designed a TMR high integrity Electronic Over speed Trip System used for protecting rotating equipment – mixed digital(FPGA) & analogue design.
  • Designed a new range of large steam Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation Equipment (TSE) for critical steam turbine measurements. As well as designed, also wrote the embedded code for the equipment, the programming language used was FORTH and assembly.
  • Spent over 4 months in Singapore in 1996 as a commissioning engineer responsible for design through to commissioning. Was Project Engineer for TSE contracts at Pulau Seraya (Singapore), Budge Budge (India) and La Collete (Jersey), total contract value was in excess of £500,000.

Professional Qualifications and Training

  • University of Sunderland – 1981 to 1984 – BSc. (2.1 Hons.) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Technical Education Council – 1980 to 1981 – Electrical & Electronic Engineering levels 2 & 3
  • City & Guilds – 1977 to 1980 – Electrical Installation Part1 & 2
  • Secondary School – 4 ‘O’ levels


  • UML modelling for’ C’
  • Altera Quartus FPGA design and NIOS II soft core development
  • Data Communications For Instrumentation & Control
  • Matlab\Simulink Control Tools – control modelling tools with auto code generation
  • Client/Contractor National Safety Group Safety Passport
  • Microsoft Word, Excel & Visio Technical
  • Postgraduate period of training at C.A. Parsons to complete the IEEE engineering training requirements
  • City & Guilds Coding & Programming C/C++ Level 2
  • JIB Approved Apprenticeship as an Electrician


  • Embedded Software in ‘C’
  • Product design from concept through to test
  • Mixed analogue\digital hardware & software design for embedded control systems
  • Project and engineering management from tender, through design, manufacture, installation and commissioning
  • Producing tenders from customer specifications, including material and labour estimates and tender programmes
  • Writing functional specifications, design specifications and test specifications
  • Writing product manuals
  • Communication of technical and commercial issues with the customer
  • Performing site surveys to assess customer requirements
  • Resolving technical problems at works and site and feeding the solution back into new designs
  • Test and commissioning of completed equipment
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio Technical

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