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Working With Game Of Thrones

It’s fair to say that Game of Thrones is an extremely hot topic dominating office conversations but has anyone stopped to think of which character they’d like to work with? Probably not as we never would, however, similar characteristics can be reflected in the working environment.

Sandor Clegane, AKA The Hound

With a brusque and harsh demeanour, the Hound is the king of comebacks. Ever playing devil’s advocate, he would never back down from a confrontation, and would follow their own moral compass. We see The Hound as the longstanding veteran who gets on with daily life but grumbles the entire way, does his job, but sits in the corner and doesn’t socialise much with the millennials. So if you need someone to moan to, or if you’re having a bad day and need someone to rant to…Clegane is your guy, he’ll probably tell you to stop moaning but at least you’ll be able to vent.

Samwell Tarly

The one character who shouldn’t have survived past season 1, but everyone has grown to love him. He’s the man you would pick for teambuilding activities and for the work quiz (which he created). He may annoy you in the office spurting out random facts about the history of business and how much he learnt from the business expo he attended at the weekend, however, where many employees stay within the box and stick to mundane routines, Sam would risk his head for the greater good of the business and ensure maximum profitability.

Tormund Giantsbane

A highly dangerous yet extremely loyal character, whilst supremely intimidatingand gruff, he is very caring and has a great sense of humour to match his ferocity. An extremely hard worker who never backs down from confrontation and would always fight for the good of his people, The loyal employee who everyone aims to be friends with and who office juniors fear, it will take quite a while to gain Tormund’s trust and friendship, unless you’re extremely tall, blonde and can wield a sword.

Lord Peter Baelish, AKA Little Finger

A brilliant character with a Marmite personality who mastered the art of whisper-shouting. It’s safe to say that everyone was glad to see Little Finger finally receive his well-deserved comeuppance, however, in reality, it wouldn’t be as easy to simply ‘write off’ the manipulating, pot stirring office weasel. Whilst acting friendly and trustworthy to your face, without a shadow of a doubt, Peter will be in your manager’s office acting as their eyes and ears reporting every detail. Never to be trusted, there is Peter’s lurking in various dark office corners using and abusing fellow team members scheming their next move on how to get to the top.

Theon Greyjoy

A bumpy and embarrassing ride for the once loyal adopted family member of the Starks. Theon has had his highs and the lowest of the lows, after a terrible choice of actions which lead to unimaginable suffering, he was left seeking approval and forgiveness from those who once loved him. Comparing this to a disgruntled employee who didn’t receive an expected promotion only seems fitting. Theon would then join a competitor in anger and reveal confidential business facts and figures, however the grass isn’t always greener, after being treated terribly and not getting the desired job satisfaction that he’d hoped for, he would then return to his original business at the bottom of the chain forever seeking forgiveness by making the hot drinks and running errands for even the apprentice.

Grey Worm

Forever loyal and faithful, without a shadow of a doubt, Grey Worm would go above and beyond for his business and work night and day. Receiving constant praise and appreciation but ever staying humble, Grey Worm’s work ethic is one of which each should be defined in the dictionary. To work alongside Grey Worm within an office environment would be highly rewarding, motivating and inspirational, he would highly suit the role of Team Leader mentoring junior members of staff and driving KPI’s. He would be a highly trustworthy employee who you could turn to for a balanced perspective and constructive advice.

Brienne Tarth

Whilst spending most of her life as the topic of scorn, rejection and more often than not, pity, Brienne has developed an undisputed blunt, direct and loyal nature with nerves of steel. A likely swat in school and the working world, Brienne has fought her way through life via sheer hard work and determination to become a highly respected member of the male-dominated working environment. You may not receive many laughs from Brienne due to her awkward personality and unwillingness to let her hair down, however, she would be the teammate who is highly respected.

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