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Why Harrison Assessments Are Beneficial For Your Recruitment Process

What is it and why is it beneficial?

Here at Westray Recruitment Consultants, we are proud to work in conjunction with Harrison Assessments, a unique award-winning technology which enables employers to better understand their employees and subsequently improve their performance. Equally, the tool can be used to give employees a greater understanding of their traits and preferences in the workplace. Therefore, whether you’re a company looking to add new talent to the team or improve performance of existing team-members, Harrison Assessments can support with the recruitment, engagement and talent development processes.

How does it work?

Harrison Assessments uses a leading SmartQuestionnaire to measure workplace factors, which can be used to produce a range of reports to support with recruitment and talent pipeline, leadership capability, employee engagement and succession planning. Most importantly, this helps employers to save time and money, whilst being able to hire the best candidates and target development needs.

How to connect with potential and existing employees

It's important to grasp that there is more to a candidate than their standalone CV. A potential employee may not have a wealth of experience but may equally have the positive mentality and desired traits to develop their career within a specific field. Harrison Assessment provides an in-depth examination of these traits and motivations, which is something employers should take into account, not only in the hiring process, but also when discussing potential career development.

Investing in your recruitment process

Recruiting the right people is absolutely critical to the success of a business. Whether it’s a SME or an international conglomerate, finding the right talent via an effective hiring process reduces the risk of ‘bad hires’. By utilising the Harrison Assessment tool, you are able to fully screen potential candidates to obtain a clear vision of their motivations, work preferences and potential areas for skills development.

Whilst there is naturally a cost associated with investing in the Harrison Assessment tool, in turn this can help to reduce longer-term potential costs of recruitment, by appointing candidates who are more likely to be the right fit for the business and therefore stay with the company for longer.

Want to know more?

We would love to discuss the Harrison Assessment tool with likeminded employers and assess how we can support with your recruitment and talent development. If you want to know more, please call us on 0191 4926622 or email [email protected] and one of trained practitioners will be in touch.

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