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Never Give Up

The t-shirt which Salah wore so proudly at the semi-finals, ‘Never Give Up’, has been etched into Liverpool’s race for their 6th European Cup Title. In the run-up to the highly anticipated Champions League Final on 1st June, we reflect upon the key message which has kept both Liverpool and Tottenham fighting for the title.

As both Spurs and Liverpool headed into their second legs down on aggregate with a mammoth task ahead of them, they needed to keep their spirits and heads high. And as such, both teams prospered and powered through to beat world class football teams in two nights of utterly unforgettable football, which even sparked a tweet and a questionable kick from the Prime Minister herself.

With Origi and Wijnaldum reigning supreme, the Kop couldn’t help but relish in the defeat against the likes of Suarez, Coutinho and Messi. Likewise, as Lucas Moura managed a hat-trick at the Johan Cruyff Arena to secure their place in the final, each performance was spectacular and somewhat unexpected. Klopp and Pochettino experienced emotions of utter euphoria and pride when the final whistles were blown. With the 1st June fast approaching, it will truly be a battle of the champions.

Reflected into the working environment, the message of ‘Never Giving Up’ is prevalent in any task you set your mind to, or even if you’re searching for your next job and the road ahead can seem highly daunting and unrealistic. With the motivation of a supportive team and loves ones, the encouragement/belief from a superior and your own optimistic and driven attitude, you can achieve anything. Never underestimate yourself or your ability to achieve the impossible.

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