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Meet the team: Mehtab Sabir

NAME: Mehtab Sabir
JOB TITLE: Business Development Consultant

Something interesting about me?

I love parmos does that count? I'm a committed family man, married almost 21 years with 4 kids. I'm passionate about a lot of things including my community and faith. I also love basketball and can't wait to share this again with my kids once we're out of lock down.

Why do I like recruitment?

I love helping local people get local jobs. It is amazing to help people make a positive change in their lives and especially if someone has been long term unemployed you can make a real difference.

Why do I love working at Westray?

It's a family business. That is what attracted me more than anything and I love working for Maureen. The way she runs the business with honesty and integrity really resonates through the whole team and brings everyone together and I really respect that. The ethics and values of the business are what sets us apart.

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