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Meet the team: Katie Walker

NAME: Katie Walker
JOB TITLE: Recruitment Co-ordinator

Something interesting about me?

This is a hard one! I live a pretty ordinary life, I have 6 pets and 3 beautiful children (4 if I included the other half), they are my biggest achievement.

I love a good pamper and night out so super excited for the world to go back to normal!

Why do I like recruitment?

Coming from retail, I have always loved working with people, building relationships with regular customers and that’s exactly what recruitment is like. I speak to a large amount of candidates each week, build relationships with them and there is not a better feeling than when they go on to secure a job, it really is amazing!

Why am I excited about joining Westray?

I have worked for Westray since January and can honestly say I’ve never enjoyed work as much as I do now.

It’s great to be part of a well-established family run business and already feel like a valued member of the team. Being new to the recruitment industry, I couldn’t have started my journey with a better company. ????

Katie we're delighted to have you! #recruitment #careers #MeetTheTeam #TeamWestray

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