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Meet the team: Joe Harland

NAME: Joe Harland
POSITION: Recruiter

Something interesting about me?

I did gymnastics growing up and won British Champion for tumbling when I was thirteen.

Something really impressive, I can move my ears without touching them and believe me that comes in handy.

Why do I like recruitment?

I enjoy recruitment because I like providing an opportunity for individuals. Sitting down and listening to their background and life experiences and then suggesting a role that would suit them. It’s a profession in which we can significantly impact someone’s life and hopefully offer them employment which will see that person thrive.

There really is nothing better than having a phone call from a candidate informing you how much they love the role you have placed them in.

Why I love Westray?

I love working for Westray because I feel part of something.

The team is amazing and there is definitely a family dynamic. The constant mentoring and support I get is something special that a lot of companies wouldn’t give someone.

I feel respected within the team and feel like any opinion that I offer - no matter how controversial - I will always be listened to and respected and for me that is why Westray is great.

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