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Meet the team: Ashleigh Wright

Name: Ashleigh Wright

Job title: Commercial Director

Something interesting about me?

I love music and must admit that I am a TOTAL 90s pop princess. Westlife are my guilty pleasure and I have tickets to see them in both London and Chester-le-Street in 2021 (both shows should have happened this year, however, Covid-19 put a stop to that!). In day-to-day life, my world revolves around Tyga, my staffie. I don’t have children but he certainly comes close!

Why do I like recruitment?

Apart from the fact I love dealing with people (I could actually talk the hind legs off a donkey!) and advising them of various career choices etc., I love gaining commercial awareness and understanding of the various industry sectors that we work in.

Why do I love working at Westray?

Well as it was my 13th work-iversary yesterday, I must love most things about working at Westray! For me, the thing I love most is the amazing team we have. Everyone is so on board with what we’re trying to achieve as a business and everyone shares the same passion for helping both our clients and candidates. During the current pandemic, I’ve also realised how lucky I am to work with both my Mother and Sister (even though we’ve had our moments), as I’ve still been able to see them daily which has been great for my mental health. I also love being able to bring Tyga in to the office, along with my Mother’s lurcher, Syd. Having two office dogs certainly puts a smile on my face!

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