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Communication Is Key

After seeing numerous online articles surrounding the topic of ‘How best to Recruit’ and ‘Top Tips for providing a Quality Service’, it has become quite clear that some of the simplest factors when providing a great service for both candidate and client are often neglected. As commenters praise the article contents, it begs the question of why aren’t recruiters already practising the fundamentals of providing a high-quality service? One recurring and most important factor is communication, whether it’s providing feedback, a cancellation, a rejection, an acceptance, an offer, a delay, a meeting confirmation or even providing a simple update. Communicating something is fundamentally, always better than communicating nothing.

Among many situations in life, living in limbo and making assumptions is never a nice scenario, a simple call, email or quick text can quickly put a wandering mind at ease. When recruiting, it is pivotal to manage and set expectations for all parties involved, if someone starts to fabricate and soften a key fact, it may be misconstrued. Therefore, managing realistic expectations and being perfectly honest whilst managing the recruitment process is essential.

In many respects, the importance and significance of communication is underrated. For some circumstances, no news can be good news, however, in the field of recruitment, silence is deadly and communication is key. Within the period of silence, another recruiter can contact your client and your candidate and pull the rug from under your feet and you’d be none the wiser. Only you can keep yourself up to date and aware of the information you need to know, and to do this, consistent communication carried out in the correct manner is essential.

With the digital age rapidly expanding and more businesses accommodating flexible working hours, the way in which communication is delivered and timing is critical. Getting in touch with someone via one method could be classed as archaic as research has shown that 85 per cent of employees use more than one device to communicate at work. Around a quarter of employees actually think that email is a major productivity killer, which leads on to the strategic use of LinkedIn and other professional social media platforms.

Mastering the art of communication is rewarded by achieving excellent customer relationships, and in turn, the results can be extremely beneficial. Of which include gaining a great reputation in the industry, recommendations, and the development of a strong and trustworthy talent pool, exclusive business and the acknowledgement of delivering a high-quality service.

In light of the above, a little communication goes a long way.

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