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Barclays Ladies’ Networking Event #BalanceForBetter

Barclays Ladies’ Networking Event #BalanceForBetter

On Wednesday 13th March, our Marketing Executive and Commercial Manager had the pleasure of attending the Barclays Ladies’ Networking Event at the Newcastle-Gateshead Hilton, an event aimed at empowering business women to come together and inspire each other, both in their work and personal lives.

With the theme of #BalanceForBetter following on from International Women’s Day 2019, we wanted to take the opportunity to summarise some of the inspirational knowledge from the event.

We were delighted to hear from Sarah Callender, Managing Director of Bdaily and Commercial Director of DUO Global Consulting. She captivated the room with her collaborative and insightful speech, giving us the opportunity to consider the impact of our different ‘identities’ in and out of the workplace and how we cope with shifts and perceived ‘changes’ in identity. For example, the transition from Colleague to Manager, Employee or Unemployed or Daughter to Mother. This links to how we deal with change and how critical it is that we implement mechanisms to be able to cope. Ultimately, we are responsible for driving better, positive change: “The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists”.

It was also motivational to listen to Dr Joanna Berry, an Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship at Durham University. As a very successful business woman who has worked alongside various international businesses, on the outside she is the epitome of success. However, Joanna spoke to us about the importance of looking beyond a professional demeanour, as even those who appear to be the most successful can actually be facing their own battles, whether that be professionally or personally.

Overall, the event was a fantastic way to bring business women together and encourage us to communicate openly and honestly with each other. However, whilst this was a targeted ‘women only’ event, given the #BalanceForBetter theme, the goal moving forwards is to open up the event to men too. Collectively we can all aim for a gender-balanced world and although International Women’s Day celebrates women’s achievements, we all want to recognise the equality between men and women. Therefore, I’m sure Rachel Bell (Area Business Manager) at Barclays would be delighted to hear from business men who are willing to open up about their own stories, so we can truly embrace #BalanceForBetter.

Written By Ebony Colledge and Katie Newton

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