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A day in the life of: Elainn Waite, Industrial & Manufacturing Consultant

How did you come to be in your position?

I initially spent ten years working in the welfare to work sector where my role was to support and motivate the unemployed. This involved supporting them with their CV’s, assisting with the application forms for positions they wished to apply for and the overall job-search. Having spent so long in the industry I felt that I was no longer learning any new skills and didn’t feel like I was challenging or pushing myself day to day.
Over the spring I felt an overwhelming urge to look for a total career change, something entirely new in a position in which I could utilise the skills I had developed but in a more collaborative environment.

I saw the Recruitment Consultant role advertised on LinkedIn and was instantly drawn to the vacancy. I contacted Allena, Westray’s Operations Director as I was keen to find out more and loved her positive, friendly approach. After learning more on the company’s values and ethics I couldn’t wait to attend the interview I had been invited to. After several interviews with key members of the Westray Management Team I was then offered the position to start in August. The rest, as they say, is history.

What is it about the Industrial and manufacturing desk that sparked your interest?

Well, I originally applied for the Commercial Recruitment Consultant position, however at interview stage, both myself and the Management team decided that my skills were better aligned to Industrial, possibly due to being a working mum and being an expert at juggling multiple tasks - a skill that is very much needed for the Industrial Division.

I love the Industrial desk as no two days are ever the same. Just when you think you have everything covered a temp can ring in sick or you receive a call from a client asking for additional cover and it's suddenly all hands on deck.

Since joining the desk, what has surprised you the most?

I wouldn’t say it’s surprised me, but what I find incredible is Glen’s ability to remember almost any temp that has ever worked for him and quite often their mobile numbers too! He even has the same ability with clients.

What aspects of your work do you particularly enjoy?

I love being able to ring a candidate and offer them a placement, particularly when I have interviewed them and feel as though I have discovered skills that have perhaps gone unnoticed by others. We interview all candidates before considering them for our vacancies and this way I think we can place them in the most appropriate roles given their skills and general personality.

What are the demands of your role?

You have to be able to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously and also be able to re-prioritise several times throughout the day! It’s not easy, but it’s a great challenge and keeps me focused and alert. I leave work mentally tired but I feel good knowing that we have covered all of our client requirements and that we have happy, hard working temps who are grateful for the jobs we have placed them in.

What have you learnt since becoming an industrial consultant?

That preparation is absolutely everything if you think you have prepared then go back to the start, re-check the information and prepare some more.

What are your tips for any candidates thinking about registering/applying for a position of yours?

Read the job description, make sure you can get to the job for the shifts advertised and always answer your phone! Many candidates miss out on roles and shifts as we often ring them and can’t get through!

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