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A Day In The Life Of An Industrial Worker

Here at Westray Recruitment, one of the main clients we recruit for is a leading food manufacturing company based in Gateshead, giving people of all backgrounds, nationalities and abilities opportunities to work in a fast-paced environment as a Production Operative.

We all love to hear how others work and live and our Marketing Executive can give you a great insight into a day in the life of an industrial worker as she completed a shift within the business to experience this first hand.

This is what Ebony had to say: “I spent the day at a fantastic client of ours based in Gateshead on the Production Line working with our temporary workers packing biscuits. If you’re like me you think all factories are run by machines… not all of them! It’s incredible to see the pace of their packing skills making it look much easier than it actually is! We all watch videos online or programmes on TV showing machines making and packaging most products now but we forget that a lot of the factories are still ran by people. Without the people putting in the hard work and long hours, then we couldn’t enjoy the luxuries of chocolate biscuits with our cup of tea or coffee.

It’s also more stressful than you think, the Production Line moves pretty quickly and you have to make sure all the biscuits are packed whilst ensuring the ‘rejects’ are not processed. (Reject biscuits are the ones that are broken or the ones that haven’t been cut correctly. You wouldn’t want to see half a biscuit in your packet!)

Today’s line was chocolate biscuits and this may sound like a dream to most people, but after a while, you’re covered in the chocolate as they’re still warm and the chocolate hasn’t fully set! However, it’s fascinating to watch how quickly the workers are able to pack and send them off to get packaged up. Packing 8 biscuits as fast as you can into a small plastic pot, placing them on the fast-moving production line whilst starting the next pack is a challenge.

These workers work long hours and although the time flies over, they stand for long periods of the day and they need more recognition for the work they do as, like most of us, we take for granted seeing these biscuits on the shelves without thinking about how they get there.

Seeing the full cycle of how they are processed rather than as a consumer gives a great insight into how these foods are made!”

If you are a business looking for Industrial and Manufacturing staff or if you are a candidate looking for production work, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Industrial Team on 0191 492 6622 or take a look at all of our live vacancies on our website at www.westrayrecruitment.co.uk/vacancies.

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