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5 New Year’s Resolutions Every Job Seeker Should Make

Eager to get your CV looking better than it did last year? 2017 is gone and if you're looking to start a better financial year, then we have several pieces of advice for your career resolutions!
Apart from losing weight, giving up smoking or drinking more water, your career should have a well-deserved spot on your New Year’s resolution list, and below you can find 5 tips to help improve your professional life in 2018.

Spend less time online and more time actually talking with people
You’ve probably heard about the importance of networking and keeping connections, so the first resolution is dedicated to people and establishing meaningful connections.
If the companies on your target list have no vacancies at the moment, you still should develop a connection with the HR manager and their recruiters. By doing this, you will get a call without applying as they will already have your CV on file.
Ps: Sending emails doesn’t count! It would be best to have face to face meetings where possible. Attend job/career fairs and networking meetings. Be sure to put yourself out there and make yourself visible to recruiters.

Dedicate yourself to spending at least 3-4 hours a day on your search
There are two types of people looking for work: those who overdo it and those who underdo it. ‘Actively looking for a job’ can mean various things.
We have met people who have been unemployed for years and yet on their LinkedIn profile, it says they have been enthusiastically searching for work. This is a classic example of underdo it.
In the opposite corner, we have people applying for every job they can find (whether it is suitable for them or not), and this is a sure way to let the desperation and dark thoughts creep in to your ego.
A way to ensure you are still on track, without overdoing it, is to spend a set amount of time every day devoted to your job search.
We recommend that you spend time creating profiles on different job boards, contacting recruitment agencies in your area, writing covering letters and updating your LinkedIn profile, as well as carrying out telephone interviews and face to face interviews.
A few hours a day will take you faraway!

Start a professional blog
This one is for those with ticklish fingers and who are looking to acquire new skills in 2018.
Positioning yourself as an industry knower and a go-to professional, will only help grow your personal brand and make yourself more visible in the online community, which in turn, will also get you better opportunities.
Start with small steps. Wordpress is offering free hosting and it’s a user friendly platform for beginners. No need to invest in creating a website and buying a hosting service right from the beginning. You can also promote it among your friends, on social media and on your email signature.
Let your blog grow with you!

Complete courses to acquire new skills
This one is a no-brainer, since learning new skills is known to help you develop your career and grow in the eyes of potential employers. It will also prove you are flexible and that you can easily adapt to a rapidly evolving industry.
There are loads of training companies and recruitment agencies offering free courses to help you get a job. Usually, they also work with hiring companies, so at the end of the course you might have a job to start the following week.
Alternatively, you can take online courses by accredited companies, which will help you freshen-up your CV and cover letter!

Use social media to get a new job
Gone are the days when people were picking up newspapers to find a job!
Register with a recruitment company that has jobs in your sector and in your geographical area. Be sure to communicate with them. Being honest about your salary expectations and how far you are willing to commute for work, will only make it easier to find you your ideal role. Your recruiter will also prepare you for your interview with any potential employers.
Also sign up to job boards and check them daily as new jobs are posted all of the time. Try to get in touch with the person recruiting for the role by phone, with a view to arranging a face-to-face meeting. Emails might get lost among the others, unless you make yourself visible.

After all, job hunting is now a marketing asset. You need to market your skill-set and show how you can bring added value to the company. Don’t sell yourself short!

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